I want to install a Weber carburetor on my MG; what are the advantages versus the SU set-up?

First, the most obvious change is you will only have a single unit to tune or be concerned about. Also many of the later Weber’s have automatic thermostatic chokes, so starting is easier. There are several configurations of the Weber but the two barrel DGV is the most popular and least expensive.

Does this mean that I have to do a lot of other modifications to the engine?

You will need a matching intake manifold of course but these are usually sold in kit form, so you get the whole package. You may want to match the ignition to the Carb performance. Also you may have fit issues with exhaust or pollution equipment as well.

Will I see a marked improvement in performance with the Weber set up?

You will get a lot of opinions and arguments on this, but the short answer is no. There was a very comprehensive article written on the subject in Classic Motorsports where this theory was tested. The results were surprising to the Weber’s are better camp. Well tuned SU’s have proved to be every bit as good in performance as a Weber by many racing teams.

What other performance equipment can I add to my MG (British car) without incurring a lot of cost?

A quick and worthwhile up grade is any electronic ignition package. When you do this go the extra mile and do the proper coil, better plugs and plug wires. With no points there are no adjustment issues. The car starts easier and runs better in all conditions. The initial cost will be somewhere north of $250.oo, but well worth it. Combining a Pertronix ignition with an upgraded carb set up, three branch header and tuned flow exhaust will give you a marked improvement in performance for not a lot of money.

I like to cruise with my car but at highway speeds and it seems like my car is working way too hard to keep up to the sixty-plus MPH traffic. What are my options?

If your cars offered an overdrive option for production this is one way to drop 600 to 800 engine rev’s with a conversion. Also offered are several kits the couple late five speed gear boxes to your transmission. Check the gear ratio of the differential as well. If you do a lot of high speed driving you may want to consider a taller gear ratio at the final drive.

What other creature comforts should I consider for a better ride?

Tires, tire size and pressures always make a difference. And don’t overlook a tube shock conversions to improve ride and handling at highway speeds. Road springs that are 25 to 30 years old just don’t work as well as new; maybe time to consider replacements. If you don’t have a sway bar, add one. Insulation under seats and carpets make extended rides a lot more comfortable.