If this is your first visit to our site, thanks for looking us up.  If you are returning, you will find a seriously updated site.  As we were thinking about trying to keep abreast of web site design, we recognized our content was not only dated but not in keeping with what visitors to a site like ours expected. The fault that it was seriously out of date resulted from a lack of web site administration skills on our part.  We enlisted the help of another of our family (Mike's daughter, Jessiann) and so typical of her generation, she jumped in and took over the "ownership" of the site. Now, we can go in and add features, pictures, articles and new content as often as necessary.  We also wanted to make sure you could not only "find us" but contact us in multiple ways. So, almost every page has a link to maps, e-mail, cell phones and Facebook.  

In the future, this page will serve as a path to see what we have in process or to highlight new or expanded services. For instance, we recently secured the services of a local machine shop that is re-bushing MGB front uprights for us.  We will try to have a set or two on our parts shelves so we can send you a reconditioned pair and take yours in as cores to feed the system. We believe we can provide this service at a competitive price and we will post some before and after pictures with pricing very soon.

Also, we want to stress that we provide the most comprehensive menu of engine builds offered by any shop of our size.  Our local outside engine machining shop has the very latest in CNC equipment and the technical knowledge to go with the tools.  This machine shop's comprehensive skills make us look good and allow us to build mild, fast street or competition engines, if desired, to the tightest tolerances in the industry. We employ a broad spectrum of outstanding sub-contractors for specialized head work, crankshaft reconditioning and ignition rebuilds.  We are currently wrapping up an MGB super charged 1800cc engine for a "tourer" car. The boosted power and a fresh OD transmission will make this car a real treat to drive.  Again, we will publish some pics of this project soon.      

The last few months we have seen a serious ramp up in restoration programs.  We have three Austin Healey's, (2 BN7's and a BT7) that are getting the full restoration treatment.  Two TR3A's are on the schedule for full or partial restoration. Two MGB's, two MGA's and also a couple TR6's getting go-fast treatments. And then add our own AH Sprite, Mk II and the MGC/GT vintage race cars that are in the refreshing process.  Both are getting engine and suspension elements refreshened. It is a juggling act, to be sure, but diverse enough to still be fun!